MLK Visiting Scholar Donal Fox performs
the world premiere of his concerto "Peace Out"
at Carnegie Hall 

Donal Fox performed the world premiere of his concerto Peace Out for Improvised Piano and Orchestra at Carnegia Hall on Monday, November 30, 2009. A wonderful review followed from Anthony Tommasini at the New York Times, who writes:

"Mr. Fox, a composer, pianist and improviser who deftly draws from jazz and classical contemporary traditions, was the soloist in his intense, episodic 15-minute work. The blazingly scored orchestra part is fully composed. But the piano part, though well plotted, includes swaths of improvised, interactive music...The piece opens with a fitful section, all gnashing brass, spiraling strings and searing harmonic angst. Mr. Fox’s piano playing, bursting with violent, keyboard-spanning runs, drove the music. A searching middle section quotes fragments of a Charlie Parker blues tune, “Now’s the Time.” After a steely solo piano cadenza, the piece concludes with a pensive finale based on a descending, and strangely haunting, four-note refrain."  

Full review at The New York Times

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