Enchanted: Sequenza 21 review of Elena Ruehr's String Quartets 

How She Danced: String Quartets of Elena Ruehr

Performed by the Cypress String Quartet
Cypress Performing Arts Association 

Commentary by Phil Muse for Sequenza 21

"I was enchanted with this, my first acquaintance with the music of American composer Elena Ruehr, and I think you will be, too. A strong, engaging personality suffuses her music. She was born and spent her early years in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, an area of much natural beauty that is said to have the most beautiful fall colors in America. Her music reflects a variety of traditional and world influences in addition to her formal education under mentors William Bolcom, Milton Babbitt and Vincent Persichetti."

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Photograph: Charles Bandes

CD cover to "How She Danced"