MIT philosopher Sally Haslanger receives award for distinguished professional work and community service 



Eliminating Racism | Empowering Women

In 2010, MIT philosopher Sally Haslanger received highest honors from two prestigious philosophical associations, recognizing her significant contributions metaphysics and social-political philosophy, to feminist theory and the philosophy of race; and to the growth and resilience of the global community of women in philosophy. 

In a measure of Haslanger's comittment to embodying her philosophical insights, she was honored again recently, this time by the YWCA in MIT's hometown of Cambridge, Massachusetts. Professor Haslanger recieved a "Women of the Year" award for work that helps to empower women and eliminate racism.  

The Tribute to Outstanding Women Awards Luncheon, held Thursday, November 3, 2011, was established to recognize extraordinary commitment made by Cambridge-area women who have distinguished themselves through professional work and community service. 


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