School in the News | August 1, 2011
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Women Controlling Consumer Spending Sparse Among Central Bankers

Bloomberg Businessweek | July 24, 2011
"At the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge—where Fed Chairman Ben S. Bernanke and Bank of England Governor Mervyn King taught—only 16 percent of undergraduate and graduate students studying economics in 1980 were women, compared with 40 percent this year." This article discusses gender differences in money management at the micro and macro levels.
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Educate cities back to life | July 27, 2011
"The work of MIT economist Joshua Angrist and his co-authors has identified particularly large benefits of charter schools for urban Hispanics, which should make us hopeful about the new charters that have recently been approved for Lawrence."
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Norwegians in US hope culture isn’t affected | July 25, 2011
"Elisabeth Taraldsen of Oslo, 35, said she can see the tops of the mangled buildings if she walks five minutes from her apartment... Before the bombing, it felt similar to Copley Square, she said. Taraldsen is Norwegian, but knows Boston: she attended school in Belmont while her father taught at MIT."
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The power of Creole | July 23, 2011
This article features MIT's Michel DeGraff and his "bold plan" to address poverty and inequality in Haiti. "For the past three years, he has been involved with an experimental Creole-language school there, and works tirelessly in both Haiti and the United States to promote an unusual and ambitious idea: that in order to solve some of the troubled nation’s most intractable problems--to breathe life into its economy, to rebuild its infrastructure, to make progress fighting crime and disease--the Haitian people must transform their relationship with their native language."
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Where the Job Growth Is: At the Low End

Economix - New York Times Blog | July 27, 2011
A new report "concludes that the great bulk of new jobs created since the economic recovery began are in lower-wage occupations, paying $13.52 or less an hour." MIT's David Autor is cited as someone who argues "that there is a distinct hollowing out of the middle."
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The world's top 100 universities ranked for the social science disciplines

G2 - | July 27, 2011
MIT ranks in the top ten in several categories.
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Middle-aged women care for everyone but themselves

Your Life - | July 25, 2011
"Why do middle-aged American women now have the lowest well-being of any age group, according to startling findings of a study by Gallup-Healthways?...One key reason is the physical and emotional stress of family caregiving." MIT's Joe Coughlin is quoted.
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Tea with The Economist

Economist | July 21, 2011
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One in five American men don't work: Where's the outrage?

Fortune Finance | July 25, 2011
"'It is difficult to overstate the role that the [disability program] plays in discouraging…the ongoing employment of non-elderly adults,' concludes a study by MIT's David H. Autor and the University of Maryland's Mark Duggan."
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How Disruptive Innovation is Remaking the University

Harvard Business School | July 25, 2011
"That history is shared, because most universities have emulated a handful of elite American schools that began to assume their modern form a century and a half ago. Prominent among them were Harvard, Yale, Johns Hopkins, Cornell, and MIT."
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Are GOP freshmen risking political suicide?

Southern California Public Radio | July 26, 2011
"The public refusal of some GOP House freshmen to vote in favor of a rise in the debt ceiling has frustrated President Obama and led to hours of debate and negotiation without a deal in sight. But what impact will this stance have on the political careers of those voting against the debt ceiling hike? Charles Stewart, a professor of political science at MIT is on with Madeleine."
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Academics Level Criticism at Harvard over its Handling of Hauser Investigation

The Harvard Crimson | July 28, 2011
"Among the signatories is MIT Linguistics Professor Noam Chomsky."
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Jobless production

Frontline | July 26, 2011
"Research being conducted by the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Commission on Production in the Innovation Economy (PIE) on companies in wind and solar, biotech, new materials, batteries, and other emerging technology sectors suggests a number of reasons to question whether the IT paradigm will work for them."
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