School in the News | July 18, 2011
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The Value of Medicaid

Research (by MIT economists) clearly demonstrates the health and financial benefits of Medicaid 
New York Times Editorial | July 18, 2011
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Jairam Ramesh's legacy is an Indian environment ministry with an identity

AllVoices | July 13, 2011
This article, which originated with The Guardian, discusses Jairam Ramesh, an MIT alum who is now a senior minister in the Indian government."
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New leader, new start for peace foundation | July 11, 2011
Philip S. Khoury, chairman of the board and associate provost and professor of history at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is quoted in this piece about Alex de Waal and the World Piece Foundation.
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Small business needs big boost (AP) | July 13, 2011
It is stated in this piece about the job market, small business, entrepreneurship and policy that "Massachusetts alone is home to 7,000 businesses that were started by MIT alumni — businesses that through the years have created a million jobs here."
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Breaking Down the Poverty Problem

Business | July 12, 2011
This feature piece from Forbes India is about MIT's Abhijit Banerjee.
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Why is the Ritz getting rid of its revolving door? | July 11, 2011
MIT's James Buzard speaks poetically about revolving doors in this article discussing the replacement of such a door at the London Ritz Hotel with a conventional door.
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Administration Grossly Underestimated Carbon Cost, Says Study

The New York Times | July 14, 2011
MIT's Michael Greenstone is quoted in an article about a study of the potential costs of putting greenhouse gases into the air.
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Partners Unveils Plan To Provide Better Health Care, Lower Costs

WBUR 90.9 FM | July 13, 2011
MIT's Jon Gruber is quoted briefly in this piece about Partners HealthCare and its new plan.
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Waiting For Dave (As Told By His Lamp)

WBUR 90.9 FM | July 11, 2011
MIT's Sherry Turkle is quoted in this article about a video advertisement for Ericsson, a Swedish telecommunications company. The topic is essentially the intersection between technology and humanity.
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Overtime, Not Wage Increases, Drive Income Growth

WSJ Blogs | July 11, 2011
MIT's Michael Greenstone is quoted heavily in this piece about income growth for working families.
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Manufacturing Scrambles for a Future

CommonWealth Magazine | July 14, 2011
"On June 24, the U.S. president announced he was forming an 'advanced manufacturing partnership,' to be headed by Dow Chemical Co. chairman and CEO Andrew Liveris and Massachusetts Institute of Technology president Susan Hockfield."
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The Mirage of a Space Between Nature and Nurture

Daily Kos | July 10, 2011
"Evelyn Fox Keller, Professor of History and Philosophy of Science at MIT, comes at the old nature versus nurture question from an interesting direction. What do you mean, she asks, by versus."
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MIT, France create joint lab for energy research

EETE Power Management Design | July 11, 2011
"At a France-MIT Forum on energy this week in Paris, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and France's national scientific research center (CNRS) signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) for the creation of a joint international laboratory on multi-scale materials science for energy and the environment."
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Study: Medicaid better than nothing

Indianapolis Business Journal | July 11, 2011
“'Our results suggest that Medicaid provides benefits to this [low-income] population above and beyond the non-Medicaid alternatives that exist through various safety net options,' wrote the study’s authors, who were led by Amy Finkelstein, an economist at Massachusetts Institute of Technology."
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Medicaid's Moment (Guest Opinion)

Kaiser Health News | July 13, 2011
"If there is a piñata in American health care politics, it is Medicaid...Although at the time I rolled my eyes at the sad and ludicrous spectacle of a lottery for health security, my colleague at the Harvard School of Public Health, Kate Baicker, and MIT economist Amy Finkelstein, had a different reaction."
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Do it for love

Sunday Standard | July 14, 2011
"In a study that was conducted by economists at MIT, Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Chicago, it was discovered that executive compensation plans that offered financial rewards for higher performance actually had a negative impact on performance."
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Threats from the Bay

The Daily Star | July 11, 2011
"The writer is a PhD Student at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA."
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