School in the News | July 25, 2011
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The Value of Medicaid

The New York Times | July 17, 2011
Medicaid and the recently released Harvard-MIT study on the program are discussed in this piece.
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Physical appearance gives candidates an edge with some voters, study shows from Political Intelligence

Boston Globe Blogs | July 18, 2011
"Voters who watch a lot of TV but aren’t well versed on the issues are most likely to be influenced by the physical appearance of political candidates, an MIT study released today shows." The research is discussed.
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Warren was better choice | July 19, 2011
"MIT’s Peter Diamond went through something just like that when the president nominated him as a Federal Reserve governor. The Nobel Prize winning economist was sent home and told he wasn’t qualified. But the experiences of (Elizabeth) Warren and Diamond are two different stories."
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VIDEOS: Should the MIT-Knight Civic Media Confab Get Supersized?

MediaShift Idea Lab | July 21, 2011
"One of the things we at MIT are very quietly considering -- quietly in the same sense that I first considered getting a creative writing degree, as in, seduced by the prospect while overawed by the reality -- is holding a large, public civic media conference as part of, or in addition to, our invitation-only Civic Media Conference with the Knight Foundation."
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How the Hippies Saved Physics, by David Kaiser

Christian Science Monitor (AP) | July 19, 2011
"Yes, it actually happened. Kaiser’s narrative takes shape along a curving line of events extending from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. It also reveals how and why – for a time – many of America’s math whizzes were recruited by the likes of the CIA to work on encryption, the space race, and national defense during the cold war."
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Understanding the Federal "Debt Crisis"

CounterPunch | July 20, 2011
"Similarly stunning numbers have just come, earlier this month, from MIT economist Peter Diamond and the University of California's Emmanuel Saez, the world's top authority on the incomes of the ultra-rich."
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Less Informed Voters Care More About Politician Looks

International Business Times | July 19, 2011
"Being good-looking helps in politics, especially with voters who are ill-informed and watch lots of television, according to an analysis by political scientists from MIT."
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Report: Some voters swayed by looks alone

Politico | July 18, 2011
"A new Massachusetts Institute of Technology study found that so-called “low-information voters” — those who watch a lot of TV but who aren’t up-to-date on policy issues — are most likely vote for a candidate based on looks alone."
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Less-informed voters 'likelier to be influenced by candidates' looks'

Sify | July 19, 2011
"Previous studies have suggested that the looks of political candidates are a key factor in influencing voters, but now a new Massachusetts Institute of Technology study has detailed which types of citizens are most influenced by candidate appearances." This article ran in multiple outlets.
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Turning out voters

The Christian Century | July 18, 2011
"According to a study by scholars at MIT, as many as 3 million eligible voters did not cast a ballot in 2008 because of problems they encountered with local registration systems."
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The Effects of Medicaid Coverage — Learning from the Oregon Experiment

The New England Journal Of Medicine | July 20, 2011
"There has been much debate, especially in light of the health insurance expansions in the Affordable Care Act and the current fiscal crisis, about the costs and benefits of Medicaid." MIT's Amy Finkelstein co-authored this article.
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