School in the News | June 20, 2011
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The real costs of U.S. energy
Politico | June 15, 2011
MIT's Michael Greenstone and Adam Looney of The Hamilton Project contributed this opinion piece about domestic energy policy and the "social costs" of current policy.
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The Race Factor in Political Scandals

New Hampshire Public Radio | June 13, 2011
MIT professor Adam Berinsky, co-author of "paper that compares the impact of sex scandals on black and white political candidates" is interviewed. Audio is embedded.
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More poverty action labs needed
The Daily Star | June 13, 2011
This article discusses poverty, MIT's J-PAL, and Poor Economics, the latest book from Abhijit Banerjee and Esther Duflo.
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As QE2 Nears End, Economists See Modest Achievement
The Wall Street Journal | June 16, 2011
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Freelance jobs: Half of all new jobs in recovery?
Christian Science Monitor (AP) | June 13, 2011
A 2009 MIT study is referenced in this piece about the increase in freelance jobs and its potential effects on the job market and economy.
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The President wants to know: how do you create jobs?
Marketplace - American Public Media | June 13, 2011
MIT's David Autor is quoted in an updated brief piece about President Obama's attempt at job creation.
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Interview: Technology Expert On Privacy Erosion And The State Of Democracy
Politics and Technology | June 13, 2011
MIT's Sherry Turkle is interviewed about privacy in the digital age, social networks, her book, and her life.
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The MIT Index: Stats On The Students
PSFK | June 14, 2011
"The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has recently released an index of students that shares a statistical fact, followed by a link to a student blog, faculty comment, or data. Here are some of the interesting pieces of information that aim to illustrate the varying socioeconomic dynamics of MIT students."
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Mobile Banking – Impact Of The Popularity Of Mobile Banking To The Financial System Identified
Star Global Tribune | June 14, 2011
"Economists Tavneet Suri and Robert M. Townsend of MIT and William Jack of Georgetown University have examined data from Kenya on mobile banking giant M-PESA and seven monetary models in one of the first published academic papers to explore what new realities may be facing financial systems where mobile banking is on the rise."
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Alone together
The Alberta Teachers' Association | June 14, 2011
"Is technology reshaping our human relationships? While you’re reading this article in the staff room, microwaving your coffee and texting your colleague (who is standing three feet away) on your BlackBerry, you are re-enacting similar narratives featured in Sherry Turkle’s latest book."
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