The School in the News | May 27, 2011
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Cambridge, Mass. tops Amazon's list of 'well-read' cities International | May 27, 2011 

Eclipsed- Why the white working class is the most alienated and pessimistic group in American society
National Journal | May 27, 2011 
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Anti-malaria bed nets v F-35s
The Economist | May 25, 2011 
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Where have all the protestors gone?
The Guardian | May 26, 2011 
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Good Advice: Make Your Commencement Speech Memorable
WBUR- Radio Boston | May 26, 2011 
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MIT's Maier wins book prize for "Ratification" | May 25, 2011 
A book by MIT professor Pauline Maier "detailing the bare-knuckled political brawl by America's Founding Fathers to win ratification of the Constitution has received the $50,000 George Washington Book Prize." This piece originated with the AP and ran in multiple outlets, including the Washington Post.
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Small ideas, big solutions | May 22, 2011 


Is Mitt Romney Being Honest About His Health Care Plan?
Forbes Blogs | May 23, 2011  
MIT economist Jonathan Gruber is briefly quoted in this piece about GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney's health care plan.
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New 'Clean Energy Standard' Plan From Former White House Wonk
Science/AAAS - News | May 24, 2011 
MIT's Michael Greenstone is quoted in a piece about new policy to cut greenhouse emissions, put forth in a white paper released by the Brookings Institution last week.
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Cathedrals and the birth of freedom
Institute of Public Affairs | May 26, 2011   
"A preliminary report on a study that Anne E.C. McCants from Massachusetts Institute of Technology is undertaking on the economics of cathedral building in the late Middle Ages" is referenced in this piece about gothic cathedrals.
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Less Hungry, More Human: A Marketing Perspective to Fighting Malnutrition
Next Billion | May 24, 2011 
Work by Abhijit Banerjee and Esther Duflo is discussed in an article about marketing and the economy in terms of poverty, need, and want.
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Poor Economics  
WNYC (AP) | May 27, 2011  
"Esther Duflo, professor of poverty alleviation and development economics at MIT, and Abhijit Banerjee, International Professor of Economics at MIT, authors of Poor Economics: A Radical Rethinking of the Way to Fight Global Poverty, talk about the complicated nature of poverty and how understanding poverty contributes to better policy." Audio is included.
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Esther Duflo’s refreshing perspective on fighting poverty 
World Bank Blogs | May 25, 2011 
A quiet revolution is needed to help pull people out of poverty in many developing countries, since it will be well nigh impossible to replicate export-led success stories like we’ve seen in parts of Asia. Also, even though policies, politics, and corruption are knotty issues that often block progress, there is scope for tweaking institutions at the margins in ways that will improve the status of poor people. These were some of the takeaways I gleaned from the Development Economics lecture yesterday by Esther Duflo, MIT Economics Profession and co-founder of the JPAL Poverty Lab. 
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