School in the News | September 16, 2011
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Six months post-Fukushima, weighing costs, risks key to nuclear debate International | September 10, 2011
"The Futaba district of Japan's Fukushima prefecture was once defined largely by its farmers and its fishermen, as well as by its vast nuclear complexes that funneled power to Tokyo." MIT's Jim Walsh is quoted in this piece about post-earthquake Fukushima.
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A shortlist that looks beyond the financial crisis

Financial Times Print Edition (UK) | September 14, 2011
"The judges have shifted the focus away from the financial crisis with a diverse shortlist for this year's Financial Times and Goldman Sachs Business Book of the Year Award...As well as Eichengreen, economists are represented by Abhijit V. Banerjee and Esther Duflo from MIT, whose Poor Economics suggests how experiments in poorer countries may open a practical path to dealing with poverty." For a copy of the article, email
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Economist: We haven't seen a situation like this since WWII

Marketplace - American Public Media | September 12, 2011
"Are things really as bad as so many people are saying? We speak to Nobel Prize-winning economist Peter Diamond about bipartisanship, housing, and when a recovery could come."
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Sewing Her Way Out of Poverty

The New York Times | September 14, 2011
"Careful research by Professor Esther Duflo of M.I.T. and other economists suggests that microfinance can chip away at poverty but is not a panacea. You see that in Jane’s life." This article discusses women and poverty in Nairobi by focusing on an individual named Jane.
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Rare Documents, Conversation with Author Highlight George Washington Book Prize Celebration

Delmarva Town Crier | September 13, 2011
"Honoree Pauline Maier is William R. Kenan, Jr. Professor of American History at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology."
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Why Education Without Creativity Isn't Enough

Fast Company | September 14, 2011
"This is simply the natural progress of economies, says David Autor, an MIT economist who has drawn the clearest picture anywhere of the impact of technology and globalization on labor markets."
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8 Rules for Family Screen Time | September 15, 2011
"Aside from being director of MIT's Initiative on Technology and Self in Cambridge, MA, Turkle is the author of Alone Together: Why We Expect More From Technology and Less From Each Other."
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What Is Art Gaming?

PSFK | September 13, 2011
"I am enamored with reading about and dissecting the semiotics, and as the MIT professor Nick Montfort calls them, the 'twisty little passages' of games."
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Try looking up, not down at your phone | September 10, 2011
"Over the summer, MIT social sciences and technology professor Sherry Turkle spent a lot of time walking the dunes of Cape Cod, as she has for the past three decades."
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Development economics thinks big but also gets practical—postcard from Paris

World Bank Blogs | September 15, 2011
"Breakthrough work deploying young people in India as part of an annual ‘Status of Education’ report to collect data on educational attainment in several states in India was described by Esther Duflo of JPAL at MIT."
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