School in the News | September 30, 2011
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Higher labor pains in U.S.-China trade?

Business 360 - CNN Blogs | September 27, 2011
"A new study suggests that when it comes to China, the economic benefit to the U.S. may be less than previously thought." MIT's David Autor is a co-author on the report.
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A weakened Ahmadinejad in New York | September 25, 2011
MIT's Jim Walsh penned this piece about Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.
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China's space ambition soars International | September 29, 2011
"China on Thursday launched its first space laboratory module, marking another step upward for its space program." MIT's Taylor Fravel is quoted in this article about China's increasing ambitions in the world of space exploration and more general technological advances.
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A show of force

Financial Times Print Edition (Europe) | September 29, 2011
"Beijing's assertive policing of its sphere of influence is fuelling fears of a growing hold over foreign policy of a hawkish and increasingly well equipped army." MIT's Taylor Fravel is quoted. For a copy of the article, email
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New policies, like new medicines, should first be put to the test

Guardian Blogs | September 27, 2011
"From GP commissioning to children's centres, swaths of government policy could have been tested to ensure its effectiveness. The electorate should now demand that it is." Recommendations from MIT's Esther Duflo and Abhijit Banerjee are included.
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Voters May Face Slower Lines In 2012 Elections

National Public Radio | September 26, 2011
"A lot of decisions about the 2012 elections are being made today. How many voting machines are needed? Where should polling places be located? How many poll workers have to be hired?" MIT's Charles Stewart contributes to the conversation about the 2012 elections.
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Tinker, tailor

The Economist | September 29, 2011
A new paper, co-authored by MIT's Daron Acemoglu, is among those discussed in this article about the merits of industrial policy.
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Teller-A.T.M. Hybrid Takes Banking to Rural India

The New York Times | September 29, 2011
MIT's Abhijit Banerjee is quoted in this piece about "human-automated-teller-machines," banking, and the economy in India. 
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Brain Power Display

The Wall Street Journal | September 28, 2011
This article discusses the Nobel prize, the monument to American Nobel laureates, and this year's ceremony, "during which the names of the latest laureates—Peter Diamond (of MIT) and Dale Mortensen, both of whom received the economics prize, and Richard Heck, for chemistry—were unveiled."
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Peter Diamond on unemployment and debt

WSJ Blogs | September 26, 2011
U.S. policymakers face two major problems — unemployment and debt — but solving them involves two different time frames, says MIT Professor Emeritus Peter Diamond, 2010 Nobel winner for economics.
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How GAMBIT Tackles Sexuality, Identity

Gamasutra | September 26, 2011
At the Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab, tackling game design's less-explored challenges is often the order of day.
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A Game About LGBTQ Themes
"In an effort to suss out how to respectfully integrate LGBTQ lives, stories, and themes into gaming, Singapore-MIT GAMBIT game lab has created a prototype game, A Closed World, designed not only to explore those issues, but also to explore the stumbling blocks a development team comes across when trying to integrate queerness into a game."
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A symposium at MIT looks at the integrity of computer voting (AP), September 26, 2011
"Less than two months after that election, the presidents of CalTech and MIT launched a collaboration to study the subject."
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New game:  A Closed World

Techworld | September 26, 2011
"New research by a Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) lab aims to change this situation."
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Recent class of American Nobel laureates honored on city monument

WNYC (AP) | September 28, 2011
"Diamond works on labor market theory at MIT, but grew up in the Bronx and went to local public schools through second grade."
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Development economics thinks big but also gets practical—postcard from Paris

World Bank Blogs | September 23, 2011
"Breakthrough work deploying young people in India as part of an annual ‘Status of Education’ report to collect data on educational attainment in several states in India was described by Esther Duflo of JPAL at MIT."
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