Faculty Promotions
effective July 1, 2012 

The MIT School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences is pleased to announce the following faculty promotions, which are effective 1 July 2012. 

Promotions to Full Professor 
Adam Berinsky, Political Science 
Andrea Campbell, Political Science
Shankar Raman, Literature

L to R: Adam Berinsky, Professor of Political Science; Andrea Campbell, Professor of Political Science; Shankar Raman, Professor Literature

Promotion to Associate Professor | with tenure 
Jens Hainmueller, Political Science

 Jens Hainmueller, Associate Professor of Political Science

Promotions to Associate Professor | without tenure
Manduhai Buyandelger, Anthropology
Fotini Christia, Political Science  
Arnaud Costinot, Economics
Anna Mikusheva, Economics
Hanna Shell, Science, Technology and Society

Top L to R: Manduhai Buyandelger, Associate Professor of Anthropology; Fotini Christia, Associate Professor of Political Science; Arnaud Costinot, Associate Professor of Economics

Bottom L to R:  Anna Mikusheva, Associate Professor of Economics; Hanna Rose Shell, Associate Professor of Science, Technology and Society