Junot Díaz wins MacArthur ‘genius grant'
Pulitzer Prize-winning author and MIT Professor of Writing
receives unrestricted 500K prize



October 1, 2012
MIT News Story

Junot Díaz, the MIT writing professor widely acclaimed for his vivid, inventive works of fiction, has won a 2012 MacArthur Fellowship, sometimes referred to as a “genius grant.”

The MacArthur Foundation cited Díaz, 43, for his stories that use “raw, vernacular dialogue and spare, unsentimental prose to draw readers into the various and distinct worlds that immigrants must straddle.”

The fellowships, awarded annually, carry a $500,000 prize, which recipients are allowed to use as they see fit. Díaz found out about his award in person last month while on a book tour in Chicago, where the MacArthur Foundation is located.

“I think I was speechless for two days,” Díaz told MIT News on Monday, calling the award “stupendous” and a “mind-blowing honor.” 

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