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MIT SHASS launches The Listening Room
sharing MIT's music with the world


                  "The MIT mission is to serve humanity, and the arts provide
                   a powerful way for our students to grow in knowledge and
                   understanding of the human condition."

                                     — Marcus Thompson, MIT Professor of Music



The Sounds of MIT Music Online 

The finest music composed and performed by MIT’s renowned Music faculty and student-musicians is available at The Listening Room — a free, online collection that showcases the Institute’s longstanding engagement with music.

“The arts at MIT are rooted in experimentation, risk-taking, and imaginative problem-solving, said Deborah Fitzgerald, Kenan Sahin Dean of the MIT School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences. "The Listening Room now opens the doors for a worldwide audience to enjoy the MIT musical experience."

Classical, Jazz, World, Faculty Opus

The Listening Room includes recordings organized in four musical categories: Classical, Jazz, World, and Faculty Opus. The collection, which is accompanied by photographs, historical notes, and comments from composers, will continue to grow steadily with regular additions of new compositions, and new performances from MIT’s Music groups, including the Festival Jazz Ensemble, Wind Ensemble, Chamber Music Society, Galak Tika (Balinese gamelan), Chamber Chorus, Concert Chorus, Rambax (drumming ensemble), the MIT Symphony Orchestra, and soloists from MIT’s conservatory-level Emerson Scholars Program.


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Rambax - Lamine Toure    Gamelan instruments    

    MIT Symphony Orchestra