Three new Administrative Officers join the School Community

Elouise Evee-Jones, Sarah Smith, and Amberly Steward have been chosen to serve as the Administrative Officers for Foreign Languages and Literatures, Comparative Media Studies, and Anthropology, respectively.



Elouise Evee-Jones

Administrative Officer, Foreign Lanuages and Literatures

Elouise Evee-Jones is an experienced administrator who is dedicated to advancing the learning experience of students. She holds a B.S. in Psychology/Psychobiology, and has expertise in strategic planning, team building, and providing diverse administrative support. She served as Assistant Director of Administrative and Finance, for Harvard's Center for Brain Science, and has also contributed to programs at Northeastern University, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the MIT Department of Chemistry. Elouise looks forward to bringing her skills and knowledge to FL&L, and to "learning from the MIT community." Her interests include family, reading, exploring new foods, and traveling.



Sarah Smith

Administrative Officer, Comparative Media Studies

Sarah Smith has been the Administrative Officer in MIT’s Department of Mathematics for three years and has worked at MIT for almost five years. Prior to coming to MIT, Sarah was the Assistant Dean for Financial and Administrative Services at Harvard University’s Division of Continuing Education. Sarah has an M.B.A. in Public and Nonprofit Management from Boston University and an A.B. in History from the University of Michigan.



Amberly Steward

Administrative Officer, Anthropology

Amberly Steward joined the MIT community in 2004 as an Administrative Assistant. Native to Upstate NY, she arrived in the area 15 years ago to pursue her degree. Boston quickly became her home and she is delighted to continue being part of SHASS as Administrative Officer in the Anthropology Program. She enjoys cycling, cooking, exploring new places, and spending time with her family.