Rachel Odell, MIT Political Science graduate student, wins 2015 National Science Foundation fellowship 


Rachel Odell, a first year graduate student in Political Science, has won a 2015 National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowship. Odell's research interests include Chinese foreign policy, Sino-Japanese relations, U.S. strategy in the Asia-Pacific region, and the role of international law in interstate conflict. 

Each NSF fellow is granted a three-year stipend. Two thousand fellowships are awarded annually, and in 2015 the Foundation received more than 16,000 applications.

Three other MIT Political Science graduate students received “Honorable Mentions”: Marsin Alshamary (first year), Elizabeth Dekeyser (second year), and Nina McMurry (second year). 

In the field of political science, MIT received more NSF awards (4) than any other university.


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