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Racing to the Precipice: Global Climate, Political Climate


Starr Forum: Racing to the Precipice: Global Climate, Political Climate
March 23, 2017

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Speaker: Institute Professor Emeritus, Noam Chomsky

Noam Chomsky is an American linguist, philosopher, cognitive scientist, historian, social critic, and political activist. Sometimes described as "the father of modern linguistics", Chomsky is also a major figure in analytic philosophy, and one of the founders of the field of cognitive science. He is Institute Professor Emeritus at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), where he has worked since 1955, and is the author of over 100 books on topics such as linguistics, war, politics, and mass media. Ideologically, he aligns with anarcho-syndicalism and libertarian socialism.


This event is sponsored by the Center for International Studies and the Myron Weiner Seminar Series on International Migration.

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