How 200-year-old Brooks Brothers is embracing AI and millennials — and why it may cozy up to Amazon
Fashion and AI meet

Brooks Brothers , the clothier that’s dressed numerous American presidents and celebrated its 200th birthday this year, is making sure it stays fresh and relevant.

With fashion companies hoping artificial intelligence will help them study data to meet the personalized demands of shoppers, Brooks Brothers is working with AI firm ORS Group to help it figure out everything from how many shirts it should have in stock at each store to how much a promotion drives sales. It also plans to adopt blockchain technology that ORS is testing and working with MIT professors on across its supply chain, the parties said in a presentation on Thursday at Brooks Brothers’ five-story flagship on New York’s Madison Avenue. Brooks Brothers claimed it was the first in the industry to adopt an “end-to-end AI-powered” platform.

“The trend that’s becoming visible in the industry is better customization and a more personalized approach with consumers,” Brooks Brothers chairman and CEO Claudio Del Vecchio said in an exclusive interview. “Fashion is by definition changing. All the changes are happening faster. The ability to react faster is becoming more important. … Company-directed marketing is much less effective. … We need to predict what customers want. AI is the solution.”

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