Seven new faculty members join MIT SHASS

Dean Melissa Nobles and the School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences are very pleased to welcome the newest members of the MIT SHASS faculty. They come to us with diverse and broad research interests, from environmental economics to language formation to the history of the Chernobyl disaster.


Spring Term, 2019

Kate Brown  

Professor of Science, Technology, and Society


Kate Brown joined the Program in Science, Technology, and Society as a Professor in January 2019. The author of multiple books, most recently Manual for Survival: A Chernobyl Guide to the Future, Brown’s research illuminates the point where history, science, technology, and biopolitics converge to create large-scale disasters and modernist wastelands. She has held fellowships from the Guggenheim Foundation, the Carnegie Foundation, and Harvard’s Davis Center, among others.


Story: Brown's research at MIT News

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Program in Science, Technology, and Society

Tobias Salz  

Assistant Professor of Economics


Tobias Salz joined MIT Economics this year as an Assistant Professor. An alumnus of University of Chicago, University of Bonn, and New York University, Salz previously taught at Columbia University before coming to MIT in January 2019. His research focuses on Industrial Organization, Applied Econometrics, and Applied Microeconomics. 


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MIT Department of Economics


Fall Term, 2019

Athulya Aravind

Assistant Professor of Linguistics


Athulya Aravind joins MIT Linguistics this fall as an Assistant Professor and co-director of the Language Acquisition Lab. After receiving her PhD in Linguistics from MIT in 2018, Aravind was a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard before returning to MIT as a faculty member. Her research focuses on first-language acquisition, particularly around children’s developing understanding of structures in their language.


Aravind's MIT webpage

MIT Linguistics

Clare Balboni

Assistant Professor of Economics


Clare Balboni is an Assistant Professor of Economics at MIT, joining the faculty this fall. She recently completed her PhD from the London School of Economics, previously studying at Yale and Cambridge. She studies environmental economics, trade, and development economics.

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Sara Brown 

Assistant Professor of Theater Arts


Sara Brown, who this fall is a new Assistant Professor in Music & Theater Arts, is beginning her ninth year as Director of Design for MTA. Her dynamic stage designs have been seen internationally, including at MIT Professor Jay Schieb’s adaptation of “Carmen" for The National Young Arts Foundation.


Brown's MIT webpage

MIT Music & Theater Arts

Eden Medina

Associate Professor of Science, Technology, and Society


Eden Medina joins the MIT Program in Science, Technology, and Society as an Associate Professor with tenure. The author of the award-winning Cybernetic Revolutionaries, Technology and Politics in Allende’s Chile, Medina researches diverse topics from big data and algorithmic regulation to human rights to electrical history. She formerly studied at Princeton and Yale before earning her PhD in the MIT HASTS program.

Medina's MIT webpage
Program in Science, Technology, and Society

Stephen Morris 

Professor of Economics


Stephen Morris, formerly a Sloan Research Fellow, joins MIT Economics as a Professor this semester. Morris earned his PhD from Yale and has previously taught at the University of Pennsylvania, Yale, and Princeton. His research focuses on foundations and applications of game theory and mechanism design, in particular role of incomplete information. An elected member of the American Academic of Arts and Sciences, he currently serves as the President of the Econometric Society.


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