"The Longest Time" (quarantine version)

Members of Canadian choirs perform a variation on the Billy Joel composition.

Research and Perspectives for the Pandemic
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Lyrics: Zach Timson and Nicholle Andrews
Original Music: Billy Joel

Arrangement: Carolyn Shiau
Video Editing: Carolyn Shiau and Vaughn Chauvin
Sound Editing and Mixing: Brad Andrews
Artistic Director: Nicholle Andrews

Recorded in isolation by members of the following groups:

Phoenix Chamber Choir - Vancouver, BC
University of Redlands Chapel Singers - Redlands, CA
Songcology (mentored by Musica Intima) - Vancouver, BC
Crescent Choirs - White Rock, BC
Da Camera Singers - Edmonton, AB
Filles de L'île - Montreal, QC
Hart House Jazz Choir (Oscat) - Toronto, ON
Jubilate Vocal Ensemble - Vancouver, BC
Quartom - Montreal, QC
Richmond Orchestra and Chorus Association (ROCA) - Richmond, BC
St. Mary's Kerrisdale - Vancouver, BC
Timbre! Choir - Port Alberni, BC
Vancouver Bach Choir - Vancouver, BC

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