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This portal synthesizes rigorous research across health, education, and the social safety net to provide recommendations to state and local leaders responding to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Research and Perspectives for the Pandemic
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The portal synthesizes evidence-based government responses to the pandemic at various levels.

"The Covid-19 pandemic has caused enormous health, social, and economic challenges. J-PAL North America has curated a set of randomized evaluations that tested specific policy options related to the social safety net, health, and education.

"Our goal is to provide actionable evidence to inform state and local leaders’ policy responses to challenges during the Covid-19 pandemic. Please note that we do not have research evidence specifically for responding to a pandemic. We generalize from existing evidence in different contexts to provide policy recommendations and considerations for state and local governments responding to this situation. 

"Via our State and Local Innovation Initiative, we are able to provide pro bono technical assistance to state, local, or tribal leaders who would like to tailor and apply evidence in their local context. Our team can help you analyze whether evidence is likely to be relevant in your context and provide implementation details from the original studies. Please contact Rohit Naimpally to learn more." 

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