How coronavirus will affect the U.S. military

MIT Political Science PhD candidates Rachel Tecott and Erik Sand comment on U.S. military readiness in The Washington Post

"The scale of disruption and size of military stockpiles will determine when these effects are felt, but the deeper the Department of Defense digs into its stockpiles, the longer it will take to rebuild them later." 

— Rachel Tecott and Erik Sand, PhD candidates in Political Science 

Research and Perspectives for the Pandemic

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"The coronavirus pandemic has turned civilian life in the United States upside down — and there are changes underway for the U.S. military as the Pentagon addresses concerns that covid-19 may soon take its toll on U.S. military readiness.

"These concerns are real — but there’s reason to temper the alarm. Here’s what you need to know.

"The Defense Department defines readiness as 'the ability of military forces to fight and meet the demands of assigned missions.' But the U.S. military’s ability to fight is not an end in itself — it’s also a tool the U.S. uses to influence how other countries think and behave."

Full commentary at The Washington Post


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