Rolling out remote learning at MIT

Meghan Perdue, MIT-SHASS digital learning fellow, catalyzes MIT's plans to shift to online teaching during the pandemic 

“None of us have ever done this before, so we will navigate together.”

— Krishna Rajagopal, Dean for Digital Learning

Research and Perspectives for the Pandemic
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EXCERPT | MARCH 29, 2020

"In late February, before the coronavirus altered daily life and work in the U.S., Meghan Perdue, a digital learning lab fellow in Open Learning and an instructor in the School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences, noticed some rumblings on the horizon: Universities in Asia were switching to teaching online as the virus took hold there.

She shared her concerns with Krishna Rajagopal, dean for digital learning, who, in turn, looped in Ian A. Waitz, vice chancellor for undergraduate and graduate education, and Sheryl Barnes, director of residential education in Open Learning. They began thinking, hypothetically, of how MIT could address such a challenging situation. With the help of other digital learning lab fellows across MIT, they began planning in earnest, designing online learning workshops and developing best practices."


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