Voting by mail is the hot new idea. Is there time to make it work?

Charles Stewart III discusses how the U.S. states are searching, rapidly, for ways to protect democracy’s most sacred institution.


“I think that once people take a deep breath and consider what’s going to be done in November, they’re going to realize that the big lift necessary to expand the amount of mail voting by a factor of four, five or six in some states is going to be disruptive.”

— Charles Stewart III, Kenan Sahin Distinguished Professor of Political Science

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"In Wisconsin, Democrats sued elections officials to extend voting deadlines.

In Rhode Island, the secretary of state wants all 788,000 registered voters to receive absentee ballot applications.

In Maryland, a special election to replace the late Representative Elijah E. Cummings will be conducted entirely by mail.

As the coronavirus outbreak upends daily life and tears at the social fabric of the country, states are rapidly searching for ways to protect the most sacred institution in a democracy: voting."

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