David Darrow '22 loves languages!
His languages to date are German, French, Spanish — and math, which he sees as "the language that the universe operates within."

David Darrow '22, photograph by Jake Belcher


Growing up in Wallingford, Connecticut, David Darrow '22 loved spending time outside and was fascinated by the environment around him, constantly asking questions about the natural world.

At MIT, he majored in math with minors in German and physics. In addition, Darrow has studied Russian, French, and Spanish. He considers math itself a very important language: the one "that the universe operates within."

Math "is a very cool way to understand how nature works,” he says. And by learning several human languages Darrow says he can connect to many more experts — in math and other topics. 

“There are a lot of people you can’t connect with if you don’t speak the same language,” he says.

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