Max Williamson '22 uses his background in computer science to tackle public policy issues in his home state and on a global scale.


Max Williamson '22, photograph by Jake Belcher

“As engineers, we can and should make meaningful, positive differences in public policy,” he says.

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During his first year at MIT, Max Williamson '22 felt lost and unsure of his long-term goals. By spring, he faced what felt like a career-altering decision: pursue a coveted summer computer science research position at MIT or return home to Delaware and intern for his senator.

His friends thought he was crazy to pursue public service over a high-paying career in Silicon Valley. However, after working hands-on with local communities in Delaware while also learning the tangible, human impact of policymaking, Williamson knew he made the right choice.

Now a senior majoring in computer science and electrical engineering with a minor in public policy, Williamson sees his technical background and coding skills as important assets in the policy arena. They have equipped him with the tools to tackle big, structural problems with an engineering mindset, and have allowed him to make contributions in a variety of policy areas.

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