MIT in 3:00 Video Competition

Students were asked to submit a documentary, narrative, or artistic video - three minutes or less - about a unique take on life at MIT

A screen shot of "Train Connect Assemble Extract" by Max Frischknecht

The MIT in 3:00 Video Competition was hosted in Spring 2023, with a public screening on April 6, 2023.

It continues the tradition of The Media Spectacle, honoring the late Comparative Media Studies program administrator Chris Pomiecko, founder of the Media Spectacle, and celebrating his love for filmmaking. MIT in 3:00 has been inspired by Antje Ehmann’s and Harun Farocki’s world-wide video project “Labour in a Single Shot” that explored the subject of work through 1-2 minute video clips.

MIT in 3:00 is sponsored by the Chris Pomiecko Memorial Fund and Comparative Media Studies/Writing with support from Arts at MIT.

Finalists were considered for two awards, as well: the Audience Award, voted on during the screening, and the Jury Award, also known as the Chris Pomiecko Award, determined by the event organizers.

Audrey Chen's video "Welcome to Arcturus" won the Audience Award, and Daisy Ziyan Zhang's "Her Days and Nights" won the Jury Award.

Enjoy a playlist of the 2023 entries below!

"An Old Technique" - by Jade Chongsathapornpong

"Stata Center R&D 4th Floor R&D Pub" by Karyn Nakamura 

"Welcome to Arcturus" by Audrey Chen

"Banana Lounge" by Sabrina Hu

"A Day in the Life, an MIT Dogumentary" by Paula Aguilera 

"At What Cost" by Kidist Adamu


"MIT Field Report" by Iris Zeng

"Her Days and Nights" by Daisy Ziyan Zhang 


"Train Connect Assemble Extract" by Max Frischknecht 


"The Coldest Cuts" by Lupe Fiasco and Carl Holt