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Digital Humanities at MIT 

The Innovative Humanities

The Humanities comprises fields of study characterized, like Science, by ongoing experimentation and innovation. What distinguishes the Humanities from other modes of inquiry is its particular attention to the human experience — including the study of issues, objects, values, and questions of enduring interest for our lives as human beings. For information on the range of Humanities disciplines taught at MIT, visit the TOUR de SHASS.

Digital Humanities at MIT 

The work going on in digital humanities and new media is one expression of the innovation that characterizes the Humanities more broadly. Using computational tools and methods, humanities scholars are opening new lines of research and discovery, revitalizing the study of objects from the past, and asking questions never before possible. This page presents a gallery of some of the digital humanities projects and research underway at MIT.  


Gallery of Digital Humanities at MIT 



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Wi-Phi | Building a better brain 

The Wi-Phi site presents more than a dozen short, entertaining video animations to accompany talks by top scholars on such timeless questions as whether humans have free will, whether god exists, and what is it for a sentence to be true. There is also a lively comments section. "A little philosophy could go a long way toward making the world a better place," says Damien Rochford, PhD. ’13, who, along with Gaurav Vazirani, founded the Wi-Phi.


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