detail; illustration for LobbyView.org, a database platform that enables citizens, journalists, and researchers to identify the how, who, and extent of lobbying in legislative politics

In this websection, MIT's School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences draws on the expertise of our faculty and colleagues across the Institute to provide research-based insights and resources for strengthening democracy at home and around the world. 

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MIT Economics receives Hewlett Foundation grant to study job quality

Shaping the Future of Work Program will advance research agenda and increase multi-disciplinary cooperation: The program "will analyze forces contributing to the erosion of job quality and labor market opportunity for workers without college degrees...and consider institutional, technological, and policy innovations that can change this trajectory."

detail,We the People


A Sampler of MIT Research on U.S. Democracy

A distilled selection of key research, news, and media commentaries from the past year on the state of U.S. democracy, from scholars in MIT's humanities and social science fields. What can leaders and We, the People do to sustain our democracy? Prepared for 6 January 2022. 

Joshua Angrist, 2021 Nobel laureate in economic sciences


Joshua Angrist wins the 2021 Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences

Cited for work building the foundations of “natural experiments” in economic research, Angrist shares the Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel with with David Card and Guido Imbens.

portrait of Daron Acemoglu


The permanent struggle for liberty

Daron Acemoglu’s new book examines the battle between state and society, which occasionally produces liberal-democratic freedom.


3Q: In Song Kim’s LobbyView.org shines a bright light on Washington lobbying

LobbyView.org makes it simple to follow the path of money in politics.