Seven undergraduates awarded Kelly-Douglas Traveling Fellowships  



                    The Kelly-Douglas fund supports projects that enrich our understanding
                    of one or more of the fields comprising the Humanities, Arts, and Social
                    Sciences at MIT.  Travel outside MIT to pursue an independent project
                    in an HASS field, or to collaborate in a humanitarian project, can have
                    a powerful and lasting effect on students. To this end, a portion of the
                    Fund is reserved for Traveling Fellowships for MIT undergraduates to
                    pursue an endeavor of their own devising.



Bon Voyage to the 2013 Kelly Douglas Summer Travel Fellows:


Sydney Beasley (Course 1, 2014):  Travel to Shenzhen, China to mentor distinguished high school students in the area. 


Jakob Dahl (Course 5, 2015): Travel along routes in the Alps to attempt to uncover evidence for the role played by the "Saumer." 


Brianna Jones (STS, 2014): To study Chinese in an emersion environment.


Andrei Klishin (Course 8, 2015): Anthropological study (in Taiwan) of the impact of the International Young Physicists' Tournament. 


Laura Stilwell (Course 11 and 14, 2014): To travel to Togo, West Africa to work on a service project with Hope Through Health. 


Sheila Zhi Xu  (Course 12, 21S and STS, 2014): Research to frame a detailed sketch of the concept and the physical and metaphorical attributes of the European "deaf economy." 


Yi Zhong (Course 3, 2016): To conduct rearch on the impact of "two separation two exchange" urbanization policy in Jia Shan. 



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