SHASS Office of DEI Staff Survey Findings

SHASS DEI asked faculty and staff to help create and structure programming to meet their professional and personal development needs. It's important to offer meaningful, useful resources and opportunities that promote inclusion, belonging, and community both at SHASS and across the Institute. 

Some key findings from the survey include that the majority of staff, without demographic differences, both at least somewhat agree that they are able to work through obstacles with people have different identities, lived experiences, but also that the two most requested training topics were Conflict Management and Resolution and Facilitating/Participating in Difficult Conversations.

Additionally, the majority of survey participants at least somewhat disagreed with the statement “I participate in DEI opportunities like workshops, trainings, and courses offered by SHASS”, but at least somewhat agreed that “DEI opportunities are also opportunities for Professional Development”. You can learn more about our findings below.

We'll take the information we've learned and partner with our colleagues across the Institute to develop engaging events and professional development opportunities for the SHASS community. 

SHASS Office of DEI staff survey results more DEI training opportunities

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