Courses and Modules

These DEI Learning Modules synthesize diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) research, best practices, and pedagogy for those interested in an equity-focused approach to their personal practices. 

This content is a point of entry for people from a variety of backgrounds, disciplines, identity positions, and levels of experience who wish to engage in this work. The modules offer a self-paced journey, guiding users in understanding how all identities exist in systems and interpersonal relationships, especially in the context of MIT’s three pillars of Belonging, Achievement, and Composition. The modules include pre- and post-module reflection questions and discussion activities for that teams can engage in together, if they wish to do so.

In compiling this resource, the Office of the Dean does not position itself as an expert on this subject; rather, we are learning and engaging with our community in an ongoing process of collective self-education. To this end, if faculty, staff and instructors have additional resources not included here, we welcome your submissions.