Staff Awards


The Rewards & Recognition Program has three components:  

The MIT Excellence Award Program
an annual Institute-wide award program

The Infinite Mile Award Program
an annual SHASS program that culminates in a ceremony held each May

The Appreciation Program
a program that allows individual departments, sections, programs, and centers within the School to distribute gift certificates and other forms of appreciation for informal, spontaneous, "on the spot" rewards to employees.


The School's R&R Program recognizes individuals (and teams, when appropriate) for exceptional contributions to the organizations within the School, as well as exceptional contributions which benefit the entire School and the Institute. Award recipients represent the best of the School's employees, and should consistently exhibit excellent and outstanding work performance. 

Congratulations to all our award winners!
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About the Infinite Mile Awards



Award recipients are expected to represent the best of SHASS employees and should consistently exhibit excellent and outstanding work performance. There are no restrictions on who may nominate a SHASS employee for an Infinite Mile Award.

Eligibile candidates should:

  • Not be under any disciplinary action during the award period
  • Not have won an Infinite Mile Award in the past five years
  • Be in their current position for at least one year

For those who prefer to submit nominations in hard copy, please mail a nomination letter to Erminia Piccinonno in 4-240. All letters must include the following information:

  • Nominator's Name and Department
  • Nominee's Name and Department
  • Name of the award category
  • A support letter that is no longer than one page, single spaced


Great Ideas Award

This individual expresses ideas that could lead to a positive change – small, medium or large – in his/her unit, the School or the Institute. He/she articulates and stands for possibilities that enlarge the space for creative action beyond existing practices and routines. She/he is willing to think creatively and try something new, thereby bringing a positive energy and morale to his/her environment.

The individual may:

  • Take a creative approach to identify or solve problems  
  • Identify an improved way to do existing work (saving money, time or effort)
  • Think of activities or events that help create a positive change in their office and community 
  • Encourage others to express new ideas and solutions by living the maxim "all ideas are welcomed."

Inclusion Award

This individual demonstrates through his/her actions a desire to make their unit, SHASS and MIT a more inclusive and welcoming environment, helping everyone feel that they are all working for the same team, and positively influencing those around him/her by acting competently and in the best interest of the workplace. He/she generates a culture of acknowledgment and appreciation where everyone is included and everybody’s contribution is valued.

This individual may:

  • Foster awareness and a deep respect for the value of all types of differences in the workplace through their own language and actions
  • Contribute to a more supportive and positive work environment for all, in ways large and small
  • Demonstrate an exceptional commitment for collaboration that results in better office environment
  • Create, implement and/or recommend activities that lead to a more diverse and inclusive workplace

Unsung Hero Award 

The Unsung Hero is someone who often works behind the scenes, without fuss or public recognition, to carry out work essential for the smooth functioning of his/her unit or the School. This individual should be someone who takes initiative without being prompted, is reliable, persevering, and results-oriented, and is someone who provides whatever is missing for excellence on a constant basis.

This individual may:

  • Consistently strive to provide better service to students, faculty and staff
  • Recognize the negative effects of cynicism and work actively to create a positive environment
  • Do whatever it takes to get the job done
  • Quietly put the organization’s interests first
  • Face challenging situations with good humor and perspective