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Summer 2022

On the Hudson River: a new model of environmental stewardship
Honoring SHASS faculty leaders
A businesss of hope and transformation | Milain Fayulu
Trade can worsen income inequality | Donaldson, Costinot
Policing in patriarchy | Sandip Sukhtankar and colleagues

June 2022

Bearing Witness/Seeking Justice: Videography in the Hands of the People
Commencement 2022 addresses
A bright light on New York’s Bengali past | Vivek Bald
Lama Willa Blythe Baker on the climate crisis
From South Africa, a success story for democracy | Evan Lieberman

May 2022

An advancing vision for a global MIT humanities | Wiebke Denecke 
Analysis + Research on the war in Ukraine
MIT expands commitment to Indigenous scholarship and community
World premiere of Charles Shadle's Symphony No.4
Springing people from the poverty trap | Clare Balboni

April 2022

How poverty and discrimination drive disease | Amy Maxmen
In Memoriam | Leo Marx: 1919-2022
MIT announces five flagship Climate Grand Challenges projects
Classical music’s iron curtain | Emily Richmond Pollock
The future of international education

March 2022

Expanding imagination for a livable future | Bettina Stoetzer
MIT historian Elizabeth Wood on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine
Arthur Bahr and the 14th Century Pearl-Manuscript
Turning emotion into sound | Composer Elena Ruehr
MIT Economics receives Hewlett Fnd. grant to study job quality

February 2022

Agustín Rayo named Kenan Sahin Dean of MIT SHASS
The Sound of a Sunset | The DH Lab unveils its Sonification Project
The Puzzle of the Missing Robots | Berger & Armstrong
Rising threats to press freedom worldwide | Ada Petriczko
Reinventing the electric grid for 21st C. is crucial for climate crisis

January 2022

A deeper understanding of transgender rights | Edward Schiappa
Putting ideas into action | Melissa Nobles
Tech to democratize access to the arts | Dolapo Adedokun '22
An aspiring human rights lawyer | Ana Reyes Sanchez '22
American perceptions of climate change | James Paradis

December 2021

Anat Cohen at MIT | 2020-21 Virtual Visiting Artist Residency
Conversations at the Frontline of Climate Change | CDI
Can the world change course on climate? | Nazli Choucri
Speech and how we live | Justin Khoo
Harmonix keeps innovating | Eran Egozy, Alex Rigopulus

November 2021

Protecting America's election officials | David Levine
Where you live affects your longevity | Amy Finkelstein
Tracking global medical and microbial realities | Rijul Kochhar
A global conversation on restorative justice | M. Amah Edoh
Indigeneity at MIT | David Shane Lowry, '03 ('07)

October 2021

Joshua Angrist shares the 2021 Nobel Prize in Economic Science
Administering U.S. elections in a hyper-partisan era
Punishment for the people | Lily Tsai
At the nexus of climate and poverty
Meet the new faculty

September 2021

Transformative truth-telling at the OpenDocLab
Announcing French+ | The French & Francophone initiative
As a population gets older, automation accelerates | Acemoglu, Restrepo
Introducing a Human Rights & Technology Fellowship 2021-2022
Southeast Chicago Archive & Storytelling website | Walley, Boebel, Soyk

August 2021

In Memoriam: Jing Wang, beloved scholar of Chinese culture & media
Reducing voting barriers for previously incarcerated people | Ariel White
Case Studies in Social & Ethical Responsibilities of Computing
Why call climate change an “existential threat”? | Kieran Setiya
MIT SEII expands its scale and mission as Blueprint Labs

July 2021

The Miracle and Tragedy of the 2020 U.S. Election | Stewart and Persily
The ‘Wood Wide Web’ of Plant Communication | Undark
The first step is seeing it: the global problem of technology waste
Going online, Playwrights Lab increases opportunities for students
Covid-19 vax mandates are sound policy | Mulligan, Harris

June 2021

Health care equity | Lia Hsu-Rodriguez '21
What prompts people to get engaged in civic action? | Gabriel Nahmias
MIT announces Fast Forward: Climate Action Plan for the Decade
Is immunity a ticking clock? | Carolyn Johnson '04
Podcasts by MIT history students illuminate environmental issues

May 2021

21st Century Science Fiction / 21L.434
American Fascism | Series edited by Heather Paxson and colleagues
A guide to when and how to build technology for social good
Solving Climate: The arts and the future of water | Nadia Christidi
Starr Forum | On Causes of Responses to Anti-Asian Violence

April 2021

David Miliband SM ’90 delivers 2021 Muh Alumni Award talk: Accountability Agenda
Addressing anti-Asian American violence in the U.S.
Solving Climate: Two-Eyed Seeing, by Patricia Saulis, MLK Visiting Scholar
Games that inspire | Nisha Devasia '21
Podcast: Capturing the Earth's changing soundscapes

March 2021

The Miracle and the Tragedy of the 2020 Election | Report from Healthy Elections Project
KCAI J-PAL announces research to test/scale climate solutions
The intersections of music and math | Kevin Costello
On Covid denialism | Crystal Lee and co-authors
Book: The Empathy Diaries | Sherry Turkle
Fostering ethical thinking in computing

February 2021

In Song Kim receives the 2021 Levitan Award
Building vaccine trust | Wrenetha Julio & Kenya Beard
AI and Jobs: Evidence from online vacancies
Allocating limited resources | Barry Posen

January 2021

On the intersection of racism and sexism | Moya Bailey
Book: Art in a time of crisis | Emily Richmond Pollock
Vaccine equity | Parag Pathak and colleagues 
How environmental journalism is thriving in an unstable world

December 2020

Solving Cliamte: On planetary change and human health | Amy Moran-Thomas
The Bluest Eye turns 50 | Sandy Alexandre
Remembering Judith Jarvis Thomson
The Humanizing Imperative: Profile of Nasir Almasri '21

November 2020

Solving Climate: Dean Nobles on climate action and the humanistic fields
Interview with Charles Stewart III, head of MIT Election Lab
The impact of technology on health care workers | John Van Reenen
A storyteller dedicated to environmental justice | Profile of Mimi Wahid

October 2020

Championing equality and renewable energy | Profile of Darya Guettler
Protecting good jobs from job-killing technology | Daron Acemoglu
Examining racial attitudes in virtual spaces through gaming
How tutoring programs can combat the “Covid-19 slide”

September 2020

Saving Iñupaiq | Profile of Annauk Olin, Linguistics
Six new professors join the MIT SHASS faculty
Dean Melissa Nobles on Restorative Justice
The masks of empire, arts, politics, and war | Catherine Clark

August 2020

$25M gift launches initiative for climate response program: K-CAI at JPAL
Covid-19 and the social sciences | Fotini Christia and Chappell Lawson
Remembering Professor Louis Kampf, STS
Op-Ed: Unearthing the stories of yesterday’s George Floyds | Melissa Nobles

July 2020

Series: The Meanings of Masks
The urban job escalator has stopped moving | David Autor
A responsible path to computing advances | David Kaiser and Julie Shah
Policing in America and beyond

June 2020

MIT | Humanistic Resources for Racial Equity & Social Justice
A salute to the class of 2020
In the Classroom: Video, "Beethoven, Quarantined" | Evan Ziporyn
Contesting the Iranian Revolution | Pouya Alimagham

May 2020

Solving Climate | Humanistic Perspectives from MIT
Solving Climate: On science journalism for a world in crisis | Thiago Medaglia
A century of evolution in quantum physics | David Kaiser
Meet the Bilinguals: Talia Khan '20 | Music and Materials Science

April 2020

Recommendations for a healthy, trustworthy election | Charles Stewart
3Q: A doctor’s view from the front lines | Jeffrey E. Harris
The biggest distance-learning experiment in history | Justin Reich
Faculty Reflection | Manduhai Buyandelger

March 2020

Book: Banks on the Brink: David Singer
Book: Design, power, and justice | Sasha Costanza-Chock
Meet the MIT Bilinguals 
Mary Fuller, Professor of Literature, named 2020 MacVicar Faculty Fellow
How canvassing by trusted people slowed an epidemic | Tsai and Morse

February 2020

The complex effects of colonial rule in Indonesia | Ben Olken
3 Questions with Shola Lawal on human rights and social justice 
Book: Blood and politics in India  | Dwai Banerjee
Live-streaming app for music program notes | Juan Carlos Garcia ’20

January 2020

On Africa, women, and power | Kenda Mutongi
In the Classroom: New concentration in Computing and Society
In the Classroom: How to stage a revolution
Bowie Cello Symphonic: Blackstar | Maia Beiser and Evan Ziporyn

December 2019

In the Linguistics Classroom: How to construct a language
"In Event of a Moon Disaster" | Fox Harrell and colleagues
Book: Chronicles of a Global Epidemic | Amy Moran-Thomas
Leading U.S. climate reporters share insights

November 2019

Book: Historian of the Hinterlands | Kate Brown
Optimizing kidney donation | Nikhil Agarwal
In the Anthropology Classroom: The Technology of Enchantment:
Happy 100th Birthday Professor Leo Marx

October 2019

Abijit Banerjee and Esther Duflo win the Nobel Prize for Economic Science
3Q: MIT historian and Russia expert Elizabeth Wood
Learning about China by learning its language | Max Allen
Looking under the surface of politics | Danny Hidalgo

September 2019

How to make technology work for society
3Q: John Tirman on a new US human rights commission
Alleviating the Climate Crisis
PhD student researches the economics of science

Summer 2019

Research: Examining communities in the Cloud
Collective Wisdom: the first major analysis of collective media creation
Alleviating the Climate Crisis
Professor David Mindell champions a dual competence education

May 2019

The quest to understand human society scientifically
Book: On the Brink of Paradox  | Augustín Rayo
J-PAL NA launches initiative for a more equitable future of work
Can we have conversations about race?

April 2019

Book: A bold plan to jump-start America | Jonathan Gruber & Simon Johnson
MIT Programs in Digital Humanities launches with $1.3M Mellon grant
Properties of the human mind | Three questions with linguistic scholar David Pesetsky
The future of computing education | Marc Aidinoff

March 2019

The path to ethical, socially-beneficial artificial intelligence
Democracy fosters economic growth | Daron Acemoglu
En Pie De Lucha | Festival Jazz Ensemble in Puerto Rico
MIT History launches seminar series on Digital Humanities

February 2019

Ethics, Computing, and AI | Perspectives from MIT
Why cities aren't working for the working class | David Autor
Computational Cultures Initiative launches
Ivy Li '20 translates Spenser's Faerie Queene into a modern comic

January 2019

Book: How writing technology shapes the mind | Stephanie Frampton
Book: When Japan met the world | Hiromu Nagahara
Case Studies in Populism | Starr Forum
" MIT Performing series launches with "Nervous/System"

November 2018

Election Insights 2018: Research-based perspectives from MIT
Amah Edoh on Africa and Innovation
On democracy and civic discourse | Justin Khoo
Civil servants and morality | Bernardo Zacka

October 2018

Shaping computing and AI for a better world
A Nobel for climate economics and two new MacArthur Fellows
Exploring the Twitch landscape | T.L. Taylor
An assault on American intelligence | CIS

September 2018

Sweeping changes in election security | Charlies Stewart III
World's leading economic historians gather at MIT
Book: The Poison Squad | Deborah Blum
A leader in poverty alleviation addresses pollution | Kendra Pierre-Louis

Summer 2018

The future of work | Kathleen Thelen
The body as machine
The rise of private insurance in the U.S. | Caley Horan
Discovering hidden stories in the Flint water crisis | Elena Sobrino
Hacking virtual reality: Trailers for VR works

May 2018

People power in U.S. politics | Devin Caughey
For food aid recipients, information is power
CS+HASS SuperUROP debuts with nine research projects
3 Questions: Vipin Narang on the North Korea summits
Free will and the most profound quantum mystery | David Kaiser

April 2018

Book: A magician’s imperial mission | Graham Jones
Morris Halle, innovative and influential linguist, dies at 94
From blank verse to blockchain | Ryan Robinson ’17
Six SHASS staff members receive 2018 Infinite Mile Awards
Video: Civil rights and restorative justice | Melissa Nobles

March 2018

MIT Spectrum edition on research that informs policy
3Q: T.L. Taylor on diversity in e-sports
MIT Linguistics ranked No. 1 (2018 QS Rankings)
MIT launches Task Force on the Work of the Future
Outstanding MIT students of French explore “Paris et la rue”

February 2018

Research / Classroom: MIT and the Legacy of Slavery
3Q: Nick Montfort on shaping the future
Stefan Helmreich conducts fieldwork aboard the unique FLIP ship
Undergrads gain experience in energy sector with MITEI member companies
Applying philosophy for a better democracy | Justin Khoo

January 2018

Bridging the gap between citizens and scientists
Seth Mnookin on the fallacy of “both sides” journalism
SHASS announces 10 Research Fund recipients for 2018
Is the US covering up civilian deaths in Iraq? | John Tirman
America's artisan cheese makers | Heather Paxson

December 2017

3 Questions: Lisa Parks on drones, warfare, and the media
The value of multidisciplinary research | Harriet Ritvo
New era for MIT Theater opens with Everybody
The price of war with North Korea | Barry Posen
Video: What MIT students are making in the humanities, arts, and social sciences

November 2017

MIT-Haiti, Google team up to boost education in Kreyòl
Data, technology, and election integrity | Charles Stewart III
Interview: Shigeru Miyagawa on interdisciplinary approaches to digital learning
Bridging the science-policy divide | Talia Weiss ’18
Racial biases embedded in A.I. technologies

October 2017

Probing the behavior of an international bully | Ketian Zhang
New Media Action Lab increases the impact of NGOs across China
Magic is a microcosm of modern culture | Graham Jones
SHASS faculty profile: John Durant plans a new era for the MIT Museum
Learning from Gravitational Waves | David Kaiser

September 2017

Making sense of nuclear threats | Vipin Narang
What does innovation mean from Africa? | Clapperton Mavhunga
The next act for MIT Theater Arts: MIT's new erforming arts building
Wyn Kelley receives a grant from the NEH
Investigating the dynamics of war and peace

Summer 2017

A simple solution for terrible traffic | Olken, Kriendler
2017 recipients of the Wiesner Student Art Awards
Students discover ways that cultures find purpose and meaning
Investigating the trap of unemployment | Aicha Ben Dhia
New Book: America's two-track economy | Peter Temin

May 2017

Experts come together to make educational tech more accessible
The politics of misinformation
Building the MISTI-Arab World program
Acemoglu, Stewart, and Nielsen receive Carnegie Fellowships
The 2017 SHASS Infinite Mile Awards

April 2017

Shaping public policy in DC: A tradition of MIT service
America’s two-track economy | Peter Temin 
Mapping MIT's HASS research around the globe
Q&A: Meet MIT's experts in Asian security
Senator Bernie Sanders visits MIT

March 2017

Caspar Hare named a 2017 MacVicar Faculty Fellow
Vivek Bald awarded Levitan Prize in the Humanities + Whiting Fellowship
David Pesetsky honored by MIT Linguistics alums and colleagues
What we’re doing when we try to live our lives well | Tamar Schapiro 
Human Factor: Malick Ghachem on how history helps us solve today's issues

February 2017

MIT Election Data & Science Lab launches
Richard Nielsen | How political science research helps combat terrorism
Meet Charlotte Brathwaite, Assistant Professor of Theater
Daron Acemoglu: American institutions depend on civil society
Ekmekçioğlu and Bilal awarded grant for Armenian feminism project

December 2016

Bengt Holmström receives Nobel Prize in Stockholm 
How philosophy can address the problem of climate change
Experts gather at MIT to catalyze innovation in health care delivery
Mens et Manus: Uniting through Voice and Song

November 2016

Bengt Holmström awarded the 2016 Nobel Prize for Economics 
Bruno Perreau receives France's highest honor for academics
Nine MIT SHASS faculty members awarded named professorships 
Twelve Research-Based Perspectives on the 2016 Election

September 2016

How to make a MOOC at MIT
What makes for a well run election? | Charles Stewart III 
MIT Literature: Your child, the literary talent | Marah Gubar
Seeking big answers about art — via philosophy and biology
Barry Posen receives 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award 
Junot Díaz to receive Hispanic Heritage Award for Literature

Summer 2016

Susan Silbey: Why do women leave engineering?
Economics PhD student Elizabeth Setren delves into charter schools 
MIT Linguistics: Why children confuse simple words
Mens et manus in the MIT History Workshop
Helen Elaine Lee receives 2016 Faculty Ambassador Award
MIT Phi Beta Kappa Society inducts 72 graduating seniors

May 2016

President L. Rafael Reif announces MIT Campaign for a Better World
3 Questions: David Autor on global trade and political polarization 
Susan Silbey: The role of human systems in solving environmental issues
MIT adds Korean to language studies program
Eran Egozy: MIT Professor of the Practice in Music Technology 
Ken Oye: The art of sociotechnical collaboration

April 2016

MITx Grant Program selects SHASS courses for innovative digital learning 
Study reveals huge mortality gap between the rich and poor in the U.S.
Automation helps us in many ways, but does it steal our sense of self?
J-PAL North America launches health care delivery innovation competition
Human Factor: Focus on disparities to solve healthcare issues
Publications: Ben Ross Schneider

March 2016

Patricia Tang named a MacVicar Faculty Fellow 
African technology: Clapperton Mavhunga 
How U.S. immigration law fueled a Chinese restaurant boom
Human Factor: How social equity fuels innovation | Anne McCants
Three lessons from Ebola can help us fight the Zika virus

February 2016

Agustín Rayo, Professor of Philosophy, named Associate Dean of MIT-SHASS
Thomas Levenson receives the 2016 Levitan Prize in the Humanities
Assessing school-choice systems: Parag Pathak
Introducing The Human Factor series
35 exceptional MIT students named Burchard Scholars for 2016
MIT honors David Bowie with an orchestral tribute concert

January 2016

The Well-Versed Institute: discover poetic MIT
Mapping the history of U.S. state politics
3 Questions: David Singer on China and the renminbi
Mexico past and present: Tanalís Padilla 
A fresh look at MIT International Science & Technology Initiatives 
Publications: Lerna Ekmekcioglu, Elizabeth Wood

November 2015

Designing virtual identities for empowerment and social change
Dean Melissa Nobles on the Legacy of Segregation
MIT named No. 1 in the world for social science fields
MIT named among top 3 universities worldwide for humanities and arts fields
MIT Political Science celebrates 50 years of rigor, relevance, and impact
Publications: Christine Walley, Thomas Levenson

October 2015

MIT SHASS economist Heidi Williams wins MacArthur grant
Economic and Linguistic Departments ranked top in world
New faculty members
Haitian and MIT faculty develop Kreyòl learning tools
Musical Institute of Technology published
Books: David Mindell, Sherry Turkle

Summer 2015

Marcus Thompson named Institute Professor
Philosophy PhD students launch program to increase diversity in field
Williams: firms underinvest in research for early stage cancer treatment
DeGraff on Haiti’s new policy to educate students in Kreyòl
Campbell, Ravel named heads of Political Science, History
Books: Jennifer Light, Martha Bartusiak, John Tirman

June 2015

Melissa Nobles named Kenan Sahin Dean
MIT students launch inaugural MIT INSPIRE Fair
J-PAL shows "Graduation" approach lifts people out of poverty
Donca Steriade proposes a new basic unit of language
Graduate students invent "Artbot" app
Faculty Promotions, New KSJ Fellows announced

April 2015

Arthur Bahr, Literature, named MacMicar Faculty Fellow
Intreview with Melissa Nobles on restorative justice
Research: Shigeru Miyagawa on the rapid rise of human language
Profile: Philosopher Robert Stalnaker
Research: Lily Tsai, MIT GOV/LAB
Research: Amy Finkelstein, Measuring Health

March 2015

Research: Fotini Christia studies conflict from the ground up
Economist Heidi Williams wins Sloan Research Fellowship
Interview: Amy Finkelstein on testing health care systems
Inaugural recipients of the SHASS Diversity Predoctoral Fellowship
Q&A with the 2014-15 Knight Science Journalism Fellows
Research: Teppei Yamamoto on voters' decision-making

February 2015

Llily Tsai receives SHASS Levitan Award
Profile: Linguist Kai Von Fintel
Research: CMSW's Edward Schiappa on logic and rhetoric
Michel DeGraff receives MIT's MLK Jr. Leadership Award 
Research: Is the medical match fair?
Research: Brad Skow asks, Does time pass?

January 2015

3Q: Melissa Nobles on the civil rights issue of our time
New Reed Chair in French Studies & Languages announced
Research: Loren Graham on Russian science
Research: Christopher Warshaw on police force diversity

November 2014

Economist Robert Solow receives Presidential Medal of Freedom
New humanities MOOC: Visualizing Japan, Shigeru Miyagawa
Erica James launches MIT Global Health/Medical Humanities Initiative
Profile: Mary Fuller, Head, MIT Literature
Three works by MIT composer Elena Ruehr premiered this month
Acemoglu: How to succeed in the innovation era

October 2014

MIT SHASS alumnus Jean Tirole wins Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences
Danny Fox named Anshen-Chomsky Professor of Language and Thought
Steve Yablo interviewed by Richard Marshall in 3AM Magazine
MIT SHASS welcomes ten new faculty members

September 2014

MIT Music & Theater Arts Fall Events Calendar
MIT SHASS Economist Nancy Rose takes position in the DOJ
Welcoming 2014-15 Artists in Residence Coco Fusco and Marjorie Liu
Tech Lessons from the "Dark Ages"

Summer 2014

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Deborah Blum to head KSJ at MIT
Gamma sonification | MIT students make music from particle energy
MIT AMPS wins New England Emmy Award for “Awakening”
Introducing the online SHASS Guide to Innovation in Education

May 2014

Dean Fitzgerald: The Power of the Humanities at MIT
Greenstone and Turkle elected to American Academy of Arts and Sciences
Six members of the SHASS staff receive Infinite Mile Awards for 2014
The case for the experimental method in environmental economics
Inside Junot Díaz's class at MIT: What the writer wants his students to read

April 2014

The first anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombings
KSJ Bootcamp cites communications as key to progress on climate change
Heather Paxson named 2014 MacVicar Faculty Fellow
Bruno Perreau awarded 2014-15 Stanford Humanities Center Fellowship
Elena Ruehr receives 2014 Guggenheim Award

March 2014

Open Documentary Lab puts MIT in the vanguard of new media storytelling
Burchard Scholars announced for 2014
Loren Graham on how society impacts science and technology
Le Morte d'Arthur and the Engineer

February 2014

Keeril Makan's "Afterglow" named one of the best classical recordings of 2013
Cyberpolitics and international relations theory, policy, and practice
Elevating the Discourse | The Knight Science Journalism Fellows at MIT
New understanding of an important property of language

December 2013

A global community gathers at MIT to celebrate J-PAL@10
MISTI receives Senator Paul Simon Spotlight Award
Manduhai Buyandelger receives $25K Levitan Prize in the Humanities
3 Questions | Benjamin Olken on the economic impact of climate change

November 2013

Rosalind Williams receives Leonardo da Vinci Medal for lifetime achievement
MIT economist Glenn Ellison's Hard Math books inspire young students
Annotation Studio translates an ancient literary practice to the digital age
Wi-Phi video platform presents "philosophy's greatest hits"

October 2013

MIT Alumnus Robert J. Shiller wins the 2013 Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences
MIT students discover new possibilities at the TOUR de SHASS expo
Technology, Jobs, and the Middle Class | David Autor and David Dorn
MIT PIE Report released | Making in America by Suzanne Berger published

September 2013

Empowering women in Afghanistan
Video update on the MIT Haiti Initiative
3 Questions | Christopher Capozzola on the history of chemical-weapons bans
First introductory philosophy MOOC at an American university

Summer 2013

MIT and UC Berkeley launch energy-efficiency research project
Sherry Turkle receives Harvard's Centennial Medal; also named a Literary Light
2013 PhotoGallery | MIT SHASS Commencement Reception
Ta-Nahesi Coates: Some Thoughts on Teaching at MIT
Ian Condry on NPR's All Things Considered

May 2013

The Brahms Requiem | A Community Gathering for Remembrance and Healing
Why you shouldn't stop buying from Bangladesh
Shankar Raman awarded $25K Levitan Prize in the Humanities
MLK Visiting Scholar Ta-Nehisi Coates has won the National Magazine Award
MIT Science Writing Alum wins Pulitzer Prize

April 2013

Emma Teng awarded MIT's highest undergraduate teaching honor
Arthur Bahr’s first book reveals a surprise about the 14th Century
3 Questions with Jeffrey Ravel | Nature and Technology in French History
MacVicar Day Symposium: Re-imagining the MIT Classroom

March 2013

MIT Burchard Scholars for 2013 announced
A new theory on the deep roots of human speech
MIT Philosophy's Sally Haslanger asks, What is "natural" and what is "social"?
Report identifies keys for new American innovation
Knight Fellowships celebrates 30th Anniversary

February 2013

David Kaiser wins Physics World’s Book of the Year Award
Q&A: Associate Provost Philip Khoury on foreign policy in the Middle East
Why is Japanese anime a global hit?
MIT economist Esther Duflo reports on the high value of water

November / December 2012

Introducing The Listening Room | Sharing MIT's Music with the World
Anthropologist Stefan Helmreich wins Rachel Carson prize
MIT Game Lab explores the potential of games and play
School within a School: MIT's Concourse learning community
Celebrating the Golden Anniversary of MIT Jazz

October 2012

Junot Díaz named 2012 MacArthur Fellow & National Book Award finalist
Michel DeGraff awarded $1m National Science Foundation grant
3 Questions: Charles Stewart sizes up the 2012 election
WGS Symposium launches new Borders Research Initiative

September 2012

Seth Mnookin wins 2012 Science in Society Award
Anthropologist Natasha Schüll researches gambling addiction
Economist Parag Pathak receives a Presidential Early Career Award
Author Ta-Nehisi Coates is 2012-13 MLK Visiting Scholar

Summer 2012

Commencement 2012: Story + Photobooth Portraits
Public Understanding of Science: Higgs Boson Commentary  
MIT Economists find evidence for "comparative advantage"
MIT Economist Robert Townsend wins Frisch Medal (again!)

May 2012

Cuthbert Finkelstein receives the Bates Clark Medal
Theater artist Jay Scheib wins 2012 OBIE Best Director Award 
Honoring President Hockfield | Welcoming President-elect Reif
Think you're funny? Apply for a DeFlorez Grant for Humor


April 2012

MIT establishes Center for Art, Science & Technology
Faculty Promotions
Composer Keeril Makan receives Guggenheim Fellowship
MIT SHASS welcomes PEN New England to MIT
Historian Elizabeth Wood on the protests in Russia
Yablo, Autor, and Finkelstein elected to AAAS 

March 2012

Cuthbert receives $500K NEH grant for innovative musicology
Underwter archaeology: hunt for the ancient mariner
Video: U.S. Health Care Reform Law–in 3 minutes
Video: The Scientist as Storyteller
Adam Berinsky on the unpredictable GOP campaign

January 2012

What's next for the Occupy Wall Street movement?
Questions of ultimate reality in Lightman's new novel, Mr. g
Economist Gruber on U.S. health reform legislation
Linguistics at MIT celebrates 50 years
Jay Scheib's World of Wires premieres in NYC

December 2011

Heim elected a Fellow of the Linguistics Society of America
Stephanie Lin '12 wins Rhodes Scholarship
Allen Lin  '11 named Marshall Scholar
Science Writing Gallery 
GZA visits MIT
Historian Kaledin: A Tocqueville for our time

November 2011

Samuels awarded Japan's Order of the Rising Sun
Economics alum Papademos, named prime minister of Greece
Wealth disparity in Boston
Economist Michael Piore on collective bargaining
Historian William Broadhead rethinks the fall of Rome's republic

October 2011

MIT Concert Office unveils fall programming
In Profile: Political Scientist Suzanne Berger
Acemoglu on the Euro debt crisis and the U.S. economy
In Profile: Daniel Posner
Kothari named director of MISTI-India

September 2011

Anthropologist James Howe: The Kuna Celebrations
Aoun awarded Robert A. Muh Alumni Award
New Faculty
Mellon Fellows for 2011-2013 announced
New exhibit showcases the MIT humanities, arts, social sciences

July/August 2011

MIT report cites arts as essential to mission
MIT Chamber group performs Brahms
Economist Gruber's ideas on health care
Political scientist Lenz: The looks of political candidates
2011 Infinite Mile Award winners honored

June 2011

Photo gallery from Commencement Reception
Historian Maier wins George Washington Book Prize
Asian culture through a lens
Historian Turkle: Are we alone together?
Lawson named new MISTI director

May 2011

Economist Esther Duflo named to the 2011 TIME 100
Google cites value of humanities PhDs
Levitan Teaching Award winners announced
Knight Science Journalism Fellows named
Composer Harbison wins AMC's Founder Award

April 2011

Theater director Jay Scheib wins Guggenheim Fellowship
Maier's Ratification is finalist for Washington Book Award
Inside Tahrir Square | CIS Starr Forum
Poor Economics by Abhijit Banerjee and Esther Duflo
Japan's nuclear crisis and governmental response

March 2011

Historian Williams: Communications in slow-moving crises
The Evolution of Economic Science
2011 MITSO Concerto Competition
Experimental Syntax and Semantics Lab
Smithsonian & CMS launch online mystery game

February 2011

Economics symposium launches MIT 150th
Linguist Pesetsky elected Fellow of AAAS
Author Bartusiak awarded Davis Prize  
FAST Arts Festival events
Literature scholar Fuller to lead NEH seminar at MIT
Turkle's Alone Together published

January 2011

New Faculty 
MISTI research collaboration in China   
Quanta Chair in Chinese Culture established 
3 Questions: Evelyn Fox Keller 
Historian Kaiser elected Fellow of APS

November/Decmeber 2010

Maier's Ratification published to acclaim
How wise are crowds? Economics and Engineering
Fox-Harrell convenes NEA/NSF conference
New Faculty announced 
Burchard scholar Lai wins Rhodes Scholarship

October 2010

Diamond wins Nobel Prize for Economic Sciences
Fuller wins Levitan Prize in Humanities 
Baird and Saez win MacArthur "genius" awards
Ziporyn has major concert season
Defining Recessions: Jim Poterba 
BSO begins cycle of Harbison symphonies

September 2010

Energy issues call on humanities, social sciences
Anthropologist Helmreich wins Bateson Book Prize 
Profile: Economist Parag Pathak 
Historian Dower's Cultures of War reviewed 
Influence of the humanities on data visualization


August 2010

McElheny: Drawing the Map of Life 
Conference honors Philosopher Judith Thomson
Economist Pathak on housing
Political Scientist Lenz on electoral candidates

July, 2010

State of the Art: Music at MIT
Profiles: Cuthbert, Tang, Makan
DeGraff on role of Creole in rebuilding Haiti
Deveau inaugurates new hall in Rockport
Erica James: Democratic Insecurities

June, 2010


Global Water Issues 
A Philosopher's Dozen: Stephen Yablo
Awards to Sally Haslanger, David Jones
and Fred Harris

May, 2010


Esther Duflo receives the Clark Medal
Howe on anthropology's shift to a collaborative model
Thomson on hard-wiring for a basic moral sense
Memorial service for Paul Samuelson

 April, 2010


Office of the Dean moves to 4-212 and 4-240
Norvin Richards named MacVictor Faculty Fellow
Proflie:Robert Muh 
Premiere of Harbison work to honor Peter Diamond
Rebuilding Haiti: A Starr Forum 

 March, 2010


Harriet Ritvo: The Dawn of Green 
Patricia Gercik receives MIT Excellence Award
Cuthbert develops computer framework for music theory
David Mindell on Obama's NASA proposal 
Jeff Ravel on Diderot's Encyclopédie
Video: Paul Krugman on history as guide for the economy

 February, 2010


PBS Interview: Ellen Harris on Handel's Messiah 
MIT experts on health care reform
Haldeman receives highest honor from science fiction community
Economist Werning on unemployment insurance 
Nobel laureate Robert Solow on recovery from the economic crisis 

 January 2010


Curated game on climate change from the Education Arcade
Jim Walsh on Iran's nuclear ambition
Rosalind Williams on Jules Verne, anti-globalization visionary
Two Burchard Scholars win Rhodes Scholarships 
New York Times article on the revolution led by J-PAL economists

December 2009


Diagnosis: four School experts on U.S. health policy 
Profile: Craig Wilder, Professor of History 
Faculty Promotions, Honors, and New Appointments 
Tea with a Warlord: Fotini Christia 
Travels with Melville: Wyn Kelley 

Soundings Magazine
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Spring 2010


State of the Art
Medieval Tech
A Philosopher's Dozen

Dr. Bette Davis
Kenneth Wang '71
Mise en Scene

Fall 2009


Health Reform | Diagnosis
Travels with Melville 
Tea with a Warlord

Wyn Kelley
Robert Muh '59
Mise en Scene

Spring 2009


Economic Toolmakers
Behind the Scenes in Theater
Why Save Languages?  

Professor Diana Henderson
Professor Janet Sonenberg
Edward Hoyt '57                  

Fall 2008 

Educating Global Citizens
The MISTI Program at 25
Safeguarding Voting Technology

Professor Charles Stewart III



Soundings Newsletter
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Spring 2008

Three SHASS authors
The writer's craft

Fall 2007

Getting serious about casual games: Exploring the frontiers of the independent game industry at GAMBIT
Bàkks and polyrhythms: sabar drumming at MIT

Spring 2007

The energy crisis

Fall 2006

How economies and economists work: A conversation with Daron Acemoglu

Spring 2006

Learning to ask new questions: Graduate Consortium in Women's Studies moves to MIT
Emma Teng awarded 2005 Levitan Prize

Fall 2005


The China hands:Conversations with the SHASS China cadre

Spring 2005

Conversation with Professor Melissa Nobles: The politics of counting
Dower receives Mellon Distinguished Achievement Award

Fall 2004

Ten things you probably didn't know about the School
A language is reborn

Spring 2004

Conversation with Professor Esther Duflo:Saving the world, precisely
New international minor at MIT

Fall 2003

Conversation with Professor Evan Ziporyn:A new sonic language
Glimpse into MIT's first interdisciplinary major
Book series: media in transition
Spotlight on MIT's Security Studies Program

Spring 2003

Rethinking culture

Fall 2002

The hopeful democrat
Stepping up!
Science Writing Program opens its doors
Planting seeds

Spring 2002

Breaking icons, lyrically

Fall 2001

Getting a fix on complexity
Biting the hand that feeds it
Beyond the dramatic norm
The democratizing quotient

Spring 2001

Crossing boundaries

Fall 2000

Walking, talking, oxymoron
50 years: The School timeline

Spring 2000

One-world dilemmas

Fall 1999

Ears need to be broad
Crossing linguistic and cultural boundaries
Super-power sense and sensibility

Spring 1999

Creative tensions

Fall 1998

Sharp tongue, maverick mind
Covering black holes, fossil worms, and a cure for cancer
What's in a word
Feeling most alive

Spring 1998

Iconoclasm revisited
The China connection
Programs and possibilities