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Lynda Morgenroth
Kathryn O'Neill
Teresa Pease

Stephanie Schorow
Sarah Wright 



Writers | This Issue

Sarah Wright is a journalist and teacher, who has written and edited for The Boston Globe, Technology Review, Vogue, and other national publications. 

Lynda Morgenroth is an essayist and journalist, and the author of two books, Boston Firsts: 40 Feats of Innovation and Invention that Happened First in Boston and Helped Make America Great, and Boston Neighborhoods: A Food Lover's Walking, Eating, and Shopping Guide to Ethnic Enclaves in and around Boston. 

Theresa Pease is a journalist specializing in higher education and the arts; from 1987–1994, she worked at MIT, and was the founding editor of the MIT Spectrum.

Susan Saccoccia is a freelance writer and essayist who focuses on work for education and nonprofit organizations. 

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