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Emily Hiestand

Design and Art Direction
Ilavenil Subbiah, Subbiah Design
Emily Hiestand, Communication Director

Contributing Writers :: Fall 2008 

Peter Dunn  
"New Era and Scale for MISTI," "Exploring and Serving the  World, and "MISTI Seed Grants"
Peter is an award-winning journalist and communication strategist who writes about technology and culture. 

Lynda Morgenroth
"Making Technology Safe for Democracy," and "Profile: Charles Stewart"
Lynda Morgenroth is a noted journalist and essayist, author of Boston Firsts: 40 Feats of Innovation and Invention that Happened First in Boston and Helped Make America Great (Beacon Press), and Boston's Neighborhoods: A Food Lover's Walking, Eating, and Shopping Guide to Ethnic Enclaves in and around Boston (Globe Pequot Press).

Mary Tamer
"An Eye Toward the Future"
Mary is a seasoned writer and editor, whose writing about education has been recognized frequently by CASE.

Staff Assistance
Kerry Ducharme
Stephanie Muto
Linda Malouf

Erin Baumgartner (Powleson)
Donna Coveney (Fitzgerald)
Richard Howard (Stewart)
Justin Knight (Hume & Jenkins; Hockfield, Fitzgerald, Berger & Mead)
Christopher J. Love (Love)
Micaela Pilotto (Stocker)
David Reshef (Reshef) 
Ilavenil Subbiah (Homepage)
Phyllis Xu (MIT-Japan interns)

Anne Marie Michel
Assistant Dean for Development

Soundings, Fall 2008