2009 Reward & Recognition Program Winners

Honoring Excellence and Outstanding Contributions 
For 2009, the School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences honored individuals who have given 25 years (or more) of service to MIT, noting as well an area of performance in which they excel. While years of service was our primary criteria, we added a performance-based criteria, in keeping with the Institute's mission for the Rewards and Recognition Program. 

The School is proud to have 14 individuals who have been at MIT for at least 25 years; collectively the following 14 people have spent over 400 years providing service to MIT, with 70% of this time spent in our school.

Warmest Thanks and Congratulations! 


Top: Gary King, Steven Strang, Mary Grenham, Debbie Meinbresse, Linda Woodbury. Middle: Bev Stohl, Nicholas Altenbernd, Judy Sptizer, Linda Marcotte. Front: Clarise Snyder, Suzana Lisanti, Priscilla Cobb. Not pictured: Ruth Trometer, Rosie Hegg. |  Photograph by Graham Ramsay 



For Exceptionally Loyal Service to the School's Faculty
Over the past 25+ years, the following four individuals have provided exceptionally loyal service to the faculty in the School. These recipients have consistently demonstrated long-term dedication to their faculty.

Nicholas Altenbernd, Program in Writing and Humanistic Studies
Judith (Judy) Spitzer, Program in Science, Technology, and Society
Beverly (Bev) Stohl, Department of Linguistics and Philosophy
Linda Woodbury, Department of Economics

For Outstanding Student Support
This award acknowledges the members of our staff who have consistently provided superior support to our students over the past 25 years, continually making students their top priority.

Gary King, Department of Economics
Ruth Trometer, Language and Learning Resource Center (LLARC) / Foreign Languages and Literatures Section

For Creativity and Innovation
This award acknowledges those individuals who, for 25 years or more, have consistently come up with creative and innovative ways to forge new paths to get their jobs done.

Suzana Lisanti, HyperStudio, Literature, Foreign Languages and Literatures
Clarise Snyder, Music and Theater Arts

For Exceptional Attention to Detail
This award acknowledges members of our staff who have a keen eye for details; colleagues we have counted on for 25 years or more to make sure that no detail slips through the cracks.

Priscilla Cobb, Music and Theater Arts
Rosie Hegg, Anthropology Program
Linda Marcotte, Dean’s Office
Debbie Meinbresse, Knight Science Fellowship Program | Science, Technology, and Society

For Exemplary Leadership
This award acknowledges those effective teachers/ mentors / coaches who help build morale and motivate others. They are people who willingly share their time and ideas for the greater good of their departments and programs, the School, and the Institute as a whole.  

Mary Grenham, Department of Linguistics and Philosophy 
Steven (Steve) Strang, Writing and Communications Center, Program in Writing and Humanistic Studie

For Above and Beyond Service to the School and to MIT

Margarita Groeger, Director of Spanish Language, Foreign Languages and Literatures

For more information, visit Staff Awards.


Soundings, Fall 2009